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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I register?
    Creating a user account allows you to participate in message boards, maintain a watch list and other goodies. Your information is kept private and will not be sold to anybody.
What is a watch list?
    A watch list is a group of CDs that you tell the system to keep. When any CD on your list becomes available at a used CD store you'll receive an email telling you so.
How do I add CDs to my watch list?
    First look up the CD in the database by entering its name in the "CD Title" field and pressing "Search". Click on the exact title you want (if multiple matches) and then click on "Add to watch list". It's that easy.
How do I stop the "Watch List Items Available" emails?
    Edit your preferences in the User Center. Select "User Center" and then "Edit Profile". From the profile screen select "Turn off watch list mails".
What is a CDID?
    A CDID is our representation of a CD's data in our database. We use an algorithim that allows many thousands of CDs to be listed, but can be map a CD title to ID in a fraction of a second.
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