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Privacy information

This document is to inform you about what data this website collects about its users. A user is defined as someone who creates a user account with the site and logs in at least once during the session. All other visitors are considered anonymous and no information is collected.

To register a user account, you must supply:
  • A name (this can be a handle)
  • Password (which is immediately encrypted)
  • A valid email address

    You may additionally supply the following:
  • ICQ/AOL IM info
  • Locality
  • Homepage URL
  • Signature
    The above information is available to other users who request your profile, say if you post a message in a forum.

    The system also records the time your account was created and the time you last logged in. Additionally the system will associate your username with all posts made to the forums, your watchlist (if you have one), all links you add to the link system and with comments you place on CDs. The main reason for these associations is so that you can update/delete the data at a later time.
If you have any questions, please email the webmaster.
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